Political Activities
With Bible in hand, when a Born again Christians, go to Parliament and other Indian State Legislature and pray, "Lord, Give India to us", "Thatday onwards India will emerge as Christian country". The fire of salvation will flame and Christians will be protected.
- Rev.Dr. Sam EsuDoss
Political Motivation
Involving Christians in politics and making them contesting in all elections from local ward election to MP election, in all the positions and doing field work to get ruling authority for them in politics.
Political Leads with Sam EsuDoss
Uniting all Indian Christians without consideration of denominations, involves them in politics,making them contest in all Parliamentary, Legislative and local elections in future and representingChristians in politics.
In current situation, In the midst of religion violation, doing political work for people of any religion.
Ensure contribution of Christians in every Government Department.
Get all benefits, protection, and concession from Government for Christians.
Give voice to protect human rights among Dalit, Muslim and Backward casts.
Protesting against Caste differentiation, Untouchability, Drug Addiction, Social Disasters and Sexual Abuse.
Supporting Christian Organizations, Educational Institutions and Trusts and opposing the organizations which threatens Christians.
Political Activities
In future, make sure that Christians are involved in elections..
Creating unity among Christians and ensure Christians are voting for Christian Leaders.
Make sure Christians get adequate number of MP and MLA seats.
Supporting the political parties which are allocating seats for Christians.
Opposing the political parties which are not supporting Christians.
Make sure votes of Christians, are passed to parties which are supporting Christian political parties or organizations.
To work with the feeling that our aim is to get ruling authority in Politics.
Without looking at the result of elections, all Indian Christians should be involved in all elections from local ward to MP, MLA elections in future.
Make Christians understand that, importance of being part of politics. Reasons for Muslims get ruling authority is through the involvement in Politics. If we are not part of politics, our children and we will enter into the problems in future.
Through ruling authority in Politics only, we can worship Lord with freedom in future.
From All India Christians Right Movement, seminars are conducted for last 15 years with the title“Church Protections and Ministry”. Many Church Leaders and Pastors from different places were participated and get benefitted.Specialties of the seminar are rare pictures and rare information.
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Youth Seminars:
Through "Jesus Protects Ministries", the seminars are conducted in many places of Tamil Nadu with the title "Arise of Youths and Church Growth". Youths from different places are participating and get benefitted.
Recently, Brother Rev. Dr. Sam Esudoss participated in the youth wing of Mattakalappu in Srilanka, and encouraged youths to involve in Church activities.
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All India Christian Rights Movement is conducting many gospel meetings, political awareness meeting among Christians and general meeting for Christians.
Protesting for Christian Rights:
Whenever Christians are being affected because of Religious Violence, Church Demolition, Attacking Pastors, All India Christian Rights Movement is protesting against these kind of social and Human Rights violation.
Witness for protesting for the law against religion conversion
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