Our Vision
He allowed no one to oppress them, He rebuked Kings on this account, saying "Touch not my anointed ones, do my prophets no harm." (Psalms 105:14,15)
"Helping Christians during crisis in churches, protecting church leaders, ministry, removing obstacles in proclaiming Gospel"

Everywhere Christians are affected, missionaries are burnt, Nuns are being raped, Churches are burnt down, and Churches are captivated by the enemies. There is an opposition to preach the Gospel, Opposition to give Baptism, Still there is no protection for the belongings of the Christians or Pastors, and there is no security.

We have developed a fear that, whether we will be made as a foreigner. Forces that prevent us to pray and to evangelize, laws that frighten the servants of God to fight for the rights and to protect ourselves from these law, to raise our voice, when there is no movements to help and to protect ourselves and to enjoy the freedom of the religion, and safeguard the Christian rights, a movement like this is necessary in this country and it is also the plan of God.

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